International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Group Mentor Coaching Program for ICF ACC and PCC

This is a minimum 3 month (up to 6 months) Mentor Coaching Program, via Zoom, with two seasoned certified coach mentors. 

It offers:
- 10 hours of Mentor Coaching hours for ICF ACC and/or PCC application;
- 10 hours of Mentor Coaching hours to renew ICF ACC credential;
- up to 20 ICF approved CCEs for coaching training hours required to submit your ACC or PCC via portfolio path;
- up to 30 hours of CCE units to renew your ICF credential

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17:00 - 19:00 CET (Stockholm/Berlin/Paris/Zurich)

11:00 - 13:00 EST
(New York/Toronto/Miami)

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Grow your coaching competency
Enterprise Coaching Institute

Mentor Coaching Program for ICF ACC and PCC

Enhance your professional coaching competency

  • You have enough professional coaching learning hours, and want to achieve ICF ACC and/or PCC credential via portfolio path;

  • You want to renew your current ICF ACC credentials, which requires 10 Mentor Coaching hours;

  • You want to renew your current ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials, and need CCEs;

  • You are missing some CCEs through ICF ACC and/or PCC portfolio path;

  • Work with two seasoned certified mentor coaches, through 7 group mentor coaching sessions, and 3 individual mentor coaching sessions;

  • Get immediate and personal support to enhance your coaching skills and advance coaching competencies. 

7 Group

3 Individual Sessions

2 Mentor


Coaching in
Agile Context

ICF Mentor Coaching Program

What is Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is a collaborative and transformative process that empowers coaches to reach their full potential, deepen their impact, and excel in their coaching practice. Through the guidance and support of an experienced mentor, mentees gain valuable insights, skills, and confidence to succeed in the dynamic field of coaching.

Are you ready to take your coaching to the next level?

Are you seeking an ICF mentor coaching program that will not only support you in approving for or renewing your credential but also enhance your coaching skills and leave you feeling more empowered?

This program is for you if you want the following benefits:

  1. Achieve or Renew Your ICF Credential
  2. Elevate Your Coaching Skills with personalized guidance and support
  3. Access Real-Time Feedback from two seasoned mentors
  4. Enhanced Client Relationships through deepening your understanding of client dynamics, communication styles, and individual needs
  5. Increased Self-Awareness and growth through exploring your own beliefs, biases, and assumptions
  6. Validation and Recognition enhance your credibility and reputation within the coaching community and among potential clients
  7. Personalized Growth Plan tailored to your unique goals and aspirations
  8. Peer Support and Collaboration allow you to connect with and learn from the Mentor Coaching program cohort
  9. Continued Learning and Adaptability help you to stay agile and responsive to changing client needs, market demands, and industry trends
  10. Personal Satisfaction and Fulfilment
Meet your mentor coach

Eva Gysling

Eva Gysling is a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Team Coach, and Certified Coach Supervisor.
She is a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) by Scrum Alliance.

Eva is highly experienced in supporting agile coaches and professional coaches. Since 2011, she has supported coaches in their further development and in achieving the next higher ICF certifications, such as PCC and ACC. She does this with conviction, empathy, and passion.
Meet your mentor coach

Evelyn Tian

Evelyn Tian is an Advanced Certified Mentor Coach (ACMC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Coach Supervisor, Certified Team Coach and Certified Enterprise Coach. She is also a Certified Performance Coach, and Certified Master Coach with focuses on behavioral-based coaching. 

She has been mentoring agile coaches and professional coaches since 2011, and some of her mentees are current active ACC, PCC, Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), and Certified Team Coach (CTC) holders. As of Nov 2023, she has supported practitioners from 80 countries. 

She is a Chinese Canadian Swede, who has worked and lived in North America, Asia and Europe. Cross-culture coaching on teams and executives is one of her specialty.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 Who is this Mentor Coaching Program for?  

FAQ 1 Our Mentor Coaching Program is for - 

(1) Current ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential holder who is required to complete 10. hours of Mentor Coaching to renew their ICF ACC credential. 

(2) Aspiring ICF ACC credential seeker who wants to advance their ICF Core Competency and coaching skills. 

(3) Aspiring ICF PCC credential seeker who wants to advance their ICF Core Competency and coaching skills. 

(4) Aspiring ICF ACC and/or PCC credential seeker who wants to apply for their ICF credentials through the portfolio path and has to get 10 hours of Mentor Coaching to apply.

(5) Aspiring ICF ACC and/or PCC seeker who is missing some CCEs to meet the application education requirements. Our Mentor Coaching Program offers up to 30 CCEs.

FAQ 2 What is Mentor Coaching?  

FAQ 2 Mentor coaching for an ICF credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.
International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Our Advanced Certified Mentor Coach (ACMC), Evelyn Tian, also wrote a blog about the different terminologies in professional coaching with examples. Please check out this blog here

FAQ 3 What is the Role of a Mentor Coach?

FAQ 3 The role of a mentor coach is multifaceted and dynamic, aimed at providing guidance, support, and feedback to coaches seeking to enhance their skills, grow professionally, and achieve their goals. Some key aspects of the mentor coach's role include:

  1. Aligned with the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) duties and competencies, which you can read about here
  2. Guidance and Support: A mentor coach serves as a guide and source of support for the mentee, offering encouragement, validation, and advice as they navigate their coaching journey. They provide a safe space for the mentee to explore challenges, opportunities, and aspirations.
  3. Facilitator of Learning: The mentor coach facilitates the mentee's learning and development by offering insights, resources, and opportunities for reflection. They help the mentee identify their strengths, areas for improvement, and growth opportunities, guiding them towards their goals.
  4. Feedback and Assessment: Mentor coaches provide constructive feedback and assessment to help the mentee improve their coaching skills, techniques, and approaches. They offer observations, suggestions, and recommendations based on their experience and expertise, helping the mentee refine their practice.
  5. Role Model and Inspiration: Mentor coaches serve as role models and sources of inspiration for the mentee, demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and excellence in coaching. They embody the qualities and attributes that the mentee aspires to cultivate in their own coaching practice.
  6. Accountability Partner: Mentor coaches hold mentees accountable for their goals, commitments, and actions, ensuring they stay focused, motivated, and on track toward their desired outcomes. They provide gentle reminders, encouragement, and support to help the mentee maintain momentum and progress.
  7. Resource Provider: Mentor coaches offer access to resources, tools, and materials that support the mentee's learning and development. They share valuable insights, articles, books, and other resources that deepen the mentee's understanding of coaching principles and practices.
  8. Confidant and Trusted Advisor: Mentor coaches create a trusting and confidential relationship with the mentee, allowing them to discuss challenges, concerns, and uncertainties openly. They offer empathy, understanding, and non-judgmental support, serving as a sounding board for the mentee's thoughts and ideas.
  9. Professional Development Partner: Mentor coaches collaborate with the mentee to create a professional development plan tailored to their goals and aspirations. They help the mentee identify learning opportunities, milestones, and action steps to support their growth and advancement as a coach.
Overall, the role of a mentor coach is to empower, guide, and support the mentee on their coaching journey, helping them realize their full potential and achieve their professional goals. Through their expertise, experience, and commitment, mentor coaches play a vital role in shaping the next generation of successful coaches.

FAQ 4 How is Mentor Coaching related to ICF?  

FAQ 4 In order to apply for an ICF credential, you are required to have been coached for a minimum of 10 hours over a minimum of 3 months by a qualified Mentor Coach.

To renew your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential, you require an additional 10 hours of mentor coaching since the initial award of your credential.

The ICF also count Mentor Coaching as Continuing Coach Education (CCEs), which can be used to renew your existing ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credentials. 

FAQ 5 What is portfolio path with ICF?  

FAQ 5 Some of our learners through either company internal programs, or public coaching training programs, have accumulated sufficient learning hours that can be used to apply for ICF ACC or PCC credentials.

If non ICF-accredited programs or Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units will be used to meet the required hours of coach-specific education, you can use the Portfolio Path to apply for a credential. In addition to submitting program curriculum to ensure the education received meets ICF standards.

The other requirements – Mentor Coaching and recorded coaching session for the performance evaluation – will need to be verified separately and must be included in the application.

Our Mentor Coaching Program helps you fulfil the Mentor Coaching requirement from ICF, and also helps get your recorded coaching session ready for your application. 

FAQ 6 What if I don't have enough learning hours for my application? 

FAQ 6  This depends on two factors: 

How confident are you with your coaching competency?
If you are in general confident about your coaching training and your coaching competency, and are missing some learning hours, one option is to take our Group Mentor Coaching Program, or Individual Mentor Coaching Program, to advance your competency and also gain more learning hours. 

If you took different training programs, particularly from a non-ICF accredited training school, you might want to consider take our ICF accredited ACC and/or PCC program

FAQ 7 What is Group Mentor Coaching? 

FAQ 7 Our Group Mentor Coaching sessions are organized in cohorts of 6 to 10 coach mentees.

During each Group Mentor Coaching session, two of our experienced mentor coaches will be working with the cohorts, to focus on ICF Core Competencies. There will be opportunities to reinforce learning about each competency, discuss what it means, its significance to coaches, and also tips about when, or how coaches can integrate and enhance their coaching skills.

There will also be opportunities to for all participants to review a real coaching session, and use real coaching sessions to reflect and learn about competence strengths, and development opportunities. There will also be opportunities to receive feedback from peers and our two Mentor Coaches.

Each of our Group Mentor Coaching contains 2 hours of learning time, and our Mentor Coaching Program contains 7 session of Group Mentor Coaching.

FAQ 8 What is Individual Mentor Coaching?  

FAQ 8 To fulfil the individual mentor coaching required by the ICF, you will have 3 hours of one to one mentor coaching with one of our highly experienced Certified Mentor Coaches.

Our Mentor Coaching Program contains 3 hours of one to one Mentor Coaching sessions. During each Individual Mentor Coaching session, you will be working with our Mentor Coach to go over your individual coaching sessions, to receive more individual specific improvement opportunities. You can potentially use these 3 hours to get your recorded audio ready.

FAQ 9 How are the Individual Mentor Coaching sessions scheduled?  

FAQ 9 You are responsible for booking the Individual Mentor Coaching sessions, which can be scheduled as soon as the Mentor Coaching Program starts, and within 6 months. 

Certifications for Mentor Coaching Program hours, and/or CCEs can only be issued upon completion of the entire Mentor Coaching Program, i.e. 7 Group Mentor Coaching sessions, and 3 Individual Mentor Coaching sessions.

FAQ 10 If I have to miss a session due to special situations, can I still qualify for the completion of the Mentor Coaching Program?  

FAQ 10 All Group Mentor Coaching sessions are recorded. If you miss a session, you will have to complete a list of required assignment after watching the session recording and complete a missing session form to stay qualified.

A maximum of 2 recorded group mentor coaching sessions is permitted. 

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