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I have had a long and quite extensive career, with agile coaching being a big part of it. However, Evelyn really made me think deeply and widely about how I approach my work.

She has a great style, and her approach to agile is in line with that. Strip back all the non essential stuff and you are left with the core of agile, the stuff that really matters.

She has re-awakened many lessons I have had in the past and made them relevant to my day to day work.

I love the Coaching Circles she has been offering over the past years, to meet such a diverse group for exchanging ideas, experience, learning and insights. So much diversity and great discussions.

I wish to thank you for this and look forward to continuing collaboration.

Our past A-CSM, CSP-SM gradates, Director, Transformation Lead, from UK

Mike Carew
Agile training changed my life towards the better. I accrued three Scrum certificates, two of which (Advanced CSM and CSP-SM) were completed with Evelyn.

Evelyn's online session overcomes the impediments that comes with online courses. She always understands the needs of her audience, by prior survey and during the sessions. She enhances the course material accordingly.

The Evelyn Konsult Coaching Circles have been a great way to network with many.

Evelyn is one of the best trainers I ever met in interacting with the attendees, though my sessions were completed remotely.

Evelyn manages the online programs so well that she knows when to bring appropriate topics to discuss, when to raise leading questions and what goes into the contents.

Our past A-CSM, CSP-SM graduates, ScrumMaster, from US.

Zaher Yacoub
For me, an agile practitioner, one of the biggest challenges to gain advance knowledge beyond CSM training is.... location, time and availability.

Evelyn’s remote learning program are self-paced, in-depth topics and content driven. I certainly enjoyed my time on mock-exercises and collaboration with other coaches during Evelyn’s program's duration.

I also love the options to engage with Evelyn Konsult Coaching Circle, to expand on knowledge, share experience and receive coaching support. She generously makes Coaching Circles available to current learners and past participants. 

IF you are serious about learning HOW to overcome next generation's transformation challenges, utilizing the agile framework... Evelyn’s distance learning program is the way to go!

Our past A-CSM, CSP-SM graduates, Program Manager, Agile Coach,

Jacky Tsang

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