Preparation material for certified agile leadership program

Preparation for Certified Agile Leadership

This is the preparation materials for Certified Agile Leadership program. Use the discount code included in the welcome email to free enrolment.

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Starting date

June 26, 2024

Total Learning Hours
Entire Program


Total Preparation Hours


Assess period

90 days

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Agile leadership

You want to develop your leadership skills, and progress in your company

Certified Agile Leadership 

  • Managers at all levels
  • Product managers and product owners
  • ScrumMaster and Agile Coaches
  • Organizational Decision Makers
  • Change Leaders
  • Executives
  • Leaders in you - we are all leaders, who want to elevate

  • You will obtain Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-1) certification. 
  • You will get all your expired certifications renewed upon certifications of CAL-1 program.
agile leadership

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