The Retrospective and Facilitation Series - Stay Energized, Positive and Patient

In a previous blog post, we explored the intricacies of facilitating a retrospective session. We encouraged readers to embark on a treasure hunt for actionable tips that could be applied while facilitating their own retrospectives. In this blog, we are sharing one of the tips about keeping participants energised, patient, and positive.
Evelyn Tian

The Retrospective and Facilitation Series

In a previous blog post, we explored the intricacies of facilitating a retrospective session. We encouraged readers to embark on a treasure hunt for actionable tips that could be applied while facilitating their own retrospectives. 

Continuing with this theme, our current series of blog posts delves deeper into the art of facilitation, offering tips that are not only relevant to retrospectives but also beneficial for meetings and various other workshops.

Stay tuned as we unfold more insights and practical advice to enhance your facilitation skills across multiple contexts.

The Paradoxical World We Live In

We often live in paradoxical situations, which are complex and sometimes contradictory nature of life, work and society. Just to name a few, economic growth and environmental sustainability, freedom and security, technology and connections etc. 

Recognizing and understanding these paradoxical situations is crucial because it helps us navigate them more thoughtfully. We are often required to make decisions that can help balance. 

Let’s explore slightly into the paradox related to meeting and facilitation. Despite the inherent potential for productivity and success in a great meeting, the execution through facilitation might often fall short. Even when we spend time in meetings, and meetings are designed for great intention with relevant participants, poor facilitation can lead to ineffective results. 

From what I have seen, this typically happens when facilitators may not engage participants effectively, have challenges with time management, or have development opportunities in addressing the dynamics and contributions of the group.

As a result, a great meeting or workshop may not reach its full potential, and may even be seen as a poor practice. 

Hence, great facilitation is the key here. 
In this blog, we are coming back to the earlier blog topic and the treasure hunt challenge, The Retrospective and Facilitation Series. 

First of all, thank you for sending in your thoughts about the blog and the tips you identified. 

Now let’s look into the 1st tip - from the retrospective example. 

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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more tips on facilitation and retrospectives. 

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And in case you are interested in digging further into neuroscience research, here is the reference

Facilitation is a critical skill in both professional and informal settings, serving as a cornerstone for effective group communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Do you know that facilitation is one of the most thought after skills in companies? Great facilitation increases engagement.

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