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The Ultimate ScrumMaster and Agile Coach program

Master the Scrum framework with the CSM program and acquire essential skills to excel as a ScrumMaster with the Advanced CSM program.

The ultimate ScrumMaster program contains two modules both ending with internationally recognized certifications – Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM).

The programs have options to obtain Scrum Alliance certification, or Certificate of Completion.


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The Ultimate Program

ScrumMaster and Agile Coach

  • Build solid understanding of Scrum and Agile
  • Learn how to work as a ScrumMaster to support teams
  • Flexible - starting monthly - join today!

Why should I take this course?

Our top-rated program is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for your role as a ScrumMaster and support your career advancement in this field. 

Discover how to effectively support teams and organizations to maximize the benefits of Agile and Scrum methodologies.
This Ultimate Program will be beneficial to:

  • ScrumMasters or ScrumMaster candidates

  • Developers, testers, analysts, designers, and all members of product development teams

  • Managers, and support staff who want to understand Scrum framework and ScrumMaster role through an in-depth hands-on workshop

  • Anybody who wants to build an in-depth introduction to Agile and Scrum.
If you’re ready to grow more agile and interested in becoming an expert in Scrum, The Ultimate ScrumMaster® program (CSM® + A-CSM®) is designed for you. You’ll learn the Scrum framework and gain a full understanding of team accountabilities, events, and artifacts as well as how to guide your team to apply Scrum.

Considered the gold standard of certification, the Scrum Alliance CSM + A-CSM course is an interactive and engaging learning experience. Taught by our passionate trainers with rich hands-on experience from the coaching trenches, our class is an excellent learning opportunity to help students start and boost their learning journey towards Agile and Scrum.

Whether you want to serve as a ScrumMaster, are adopting Scrum, or just need the tools to be more agile, our The Ultimate ScrumMaster® program is the right place to start. You’ll gain a solid understanding of Scrum and learn practical ways to apply it to your team and throughout your organization.

Our workshops give you hands-on skills that you can immediately apply in the real world and expand your career opportunities. Once you complete the course, you will have everything you need and more, to take and pass the CSM exam, and ready to move on to the next step, learn to become a ScrumMaster and an Agile Coach.

Scrum is applicable across industries and potentially cross-functional teams, so in addition to product development professionals, marketers, data scientists, HR representatives, and other professionals looking for a better way to solve complex problems are encouraged to attend.

Part 1 - Build a solid understanding of agile and Scrum framework

What exactly is Agile?
  • Agile value, principles and mindset
  • Relationship between Agile and Scrum
Product Backlog
Product goal
  • Product backlog and its characteristics 
  • Product backlog item (PBI) and its characteristics 
  • User Story concept and writing exercises 
Increment and DoD
  • Increment and its characteristics
  • Definition of Done (DoD)
Scrum Framework Overview 
Three accountabilities in Scrum 
  • Great anatomy of great ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Scrum Team
  • Product Backlog refinement: a powerful vehicle for interactive and incremental development 
Scrum events in a nutshell
  • Everything in a Sprint
  • Sprint Planning: set the goal for the sprint
  • Sprint backlog and its characteristics
  • Sprint goal
  • Daily Scrum to inspect and adapt
  • The Sprint Review: valuable feedback and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Sprint Retrospective for continuous improvements
  • Different scenarios during the sprint
Experience Scrum framework
  • Using Scrum framework to build our in-class product
Agile estimation and release planning
  • Working with multiple teams
  • ScrumMaster’s competence
  • Services to Product Owner, Development Team and Organization 
  • Introduction to Agile facilitation and Agile coaching 
Next steps to be a great ScrumMaster 

Part 2 - Growing ScrumMaster and Agile Coaching Competence

Agile Coaching Foundation
  • Coaching Concepts
  • Coaching stances
  • Key coaching skills and their application
  • Tactics of coaching at the individual, Scrum Team and organization level
Agile Facilitation
  • Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  • Facilitation techniques to navigate through the Groan Zone and Divergent and Convergent phases
  • Decision making
A deeper dive into Lean, Agile, Scrum and Kanban
  • Flow efficiency
Further enhancement of Scrum
Kanban in a nutshell for organization improvement
Services to developers
  • Self-Organization and Team Dynamics
  • Key attributes of effective teams
  • Coaching for high-performing teams
  • Agile engineering practices
Services to Product Owner
  • The services around Product Vision and Strategy
  • The mindset and tools for a fantastic product
  • Tools to bring customer needs into Product Backlog
  • Product Backlog Refinement tactics
  • The collaboration and its enhancement with the Development Team
Services to Organization
  • Impediment Removal and its tactics & strategies
  • Agile scaling approaches and principles
  • Introducing new ideas
  • Tactics for organizational improvements
Personal Development
  • Coaching practices for personal growth actions
  • Pivotal conversation
  • The art of giving feedback
  • How to work with conflicts
ScrumMaster as Servant Leader
Facilitated by

Evelyn Tian

Evelyn Tian is the founder and the heart of Evelyn Konsult AB. She headed Ericsson Global Transformation Support Center, and supported the big telecom giant across different business units and product lines.

She is one of the few globally who achieved the utmost credentials as a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC) and Certified Agile Skills Trainer (CAST), and also Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Master Coach, Mentor Coach and Coach Supervisor.
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